RGL Research - Winner of  Les Pépites Tech Startup contest

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RGL Research •   March 2019

#N1 Startup - RGL Research - Les Pépites Tech

e are very proud to announce that  RGL Research has been registered as the most innovative Startup of the French Tech social hub: Les pépites  Tech.

Source: https://lespepitestech.com/startup-de-la-french-tech/rgl-research

RGL Research is a unique way of supporting Healthcare Innovation.

Today, biopharmaceutical development lacks clinical reality and cost-effectiveness. As a result, the productivity of the market - expected to reach 500 billion dollars in 2025 - finds itself threatened.

In that way, RGL positions itself in developing innovative solutions in order to bring the productivity curve back to a sustained positive slope.

Our main focus: clinical research.

Clinical research is essential in order to assess the safety and efficacy of a new health product. We work with a multicentric international platform including France, Israel, and North Africa, in which every territory has its own advantages. The platform delivers excellent results.

Indeed, Clinical research is a field of lengthy processes and bureaucracy, which impact on the investigator’s experience, the sponsor, and ultimately everyone involved in a study, especially patients. This is where RGL stands out, with innovation and uniqueness. We develop, and implement, digital trial solutions in our projects, on one hand, to ease the process of clinical research. 

And on the other hand to solve problems such as patients’ adherence to study protocols. We develop these features in close proximity with our investigators and patients associations so that we can deliver tailored solutions.

RGL Research envisions ourselves as the next generation of Contract research organization, a 3.0 CRO.

Our positioning falls within our vision of digital transition and strengthens our role as innovators in clinical research, where better productivity in healthcare means more therapeutic alternatives for the patients.

Based between France and Israel since 2015, RGL research is a complete multi-language, professional, qualified and flexible team. It contains biomedical and electronic engineers from leading Israeli universities which mixes with the high quality of French pharmacists, doctors, and medical lawyers.

Thanks again to "les pépites Tech" for their article and support.

RGL Research Team

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