What makes Israel's Life Sciences Industry a Strong Hub for Innovation?

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RGL Research • July 2019

Israel's Life Sciences Industry active companies are increasing over the last decade:

Israel's Life Sciences Industry sector is changing over years with an incredible stability. Indeed the number of active companies has been increasing over time. Therefore, it is becoming more and more obvious that Israel is the place for innovation.

Pictured on the graph above, there are about 1,600 active life sciences companies in Israel today, according to Israel’s Life Sciences Industry IATI Report. This number is at an all-time high when compared to the numbers over the last 10 years.

This is a great success for Israel, making it the best place for innovation to occur. Because of Israel’s experts in the technological workforce, this industry is continuing to prosper and grow.

Israel's Life Sciences Industry is a strong HUB

Israel's Life Sciences Companies Discontinuing Operations is decreasing over the years

The number of Israeli Life Sciences companies that are discontinuing operations over the last decade has been decreasing.

What does this mean for the Israeli Life Sciences Ecosystem?

Each year, the number Israeli Life Sciences companies that discontinue operations is decreasing. In fact, as shown above, the number of active Israeli Life Sciences companies is continuing to increase. Therefore, in terms of evaluation of the Israeli Life Sciences Ecosystem, it is in great health.

This is a reason that Israel is the perfect place for innovation.

Israel's Life Sciences Industry discontinuing companies chart shows that the ecosystem is strong

Israel's Life Sciences Companies have raised an unprecedented amount of capital in 2018

Furthermore, according to the report, the graph pictured above depicts the capital raised in the last decade.

The trend reveals that while the Israeli Life Sciences Sector is growing over time, the capital raised is growing as well. This trend also confirms a significant increase in the capital raised in recent years.

Thus, a conclusion can be drawn that Israel's leading economy allows for the development of new innovative products. #InnovationIsComing

With all of this in mind, RGL Research is going to transform this sector by bringing digital health solutions into effect. As a result, we will develop the best results. #DigitalRGL 

Israel's Life Sciences Industry ecosystem per Capital raised in the past 10 years
Israel's Life Sciences Industry ecosystem drive Digital Trial innovation