Israel's Healthcare ecosystem by Sub-Sectors

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RGL Research •   Aug 2019

The Ecosystem has a complete landscape in health products categorization

Israel's Healthcare ecosystem is distributed into many sub-sectors. According to Israel’s Life Sciences Industry IATI Report, the sub-sectors pictured above make up the industry.

Additionally, it is evident that medical devices and healthcare IT represent the largest sub-sectors of all life science companies. This is because they are the driving forces in the industry.

Although there are different sub-sectors, they each have one primary focus, its patients. The goal is to support patients and to improve their quality of life.

Israel is driving this new era of the R&D sector by gauging its ecosystem to have more of a digitalized patient-physician communication. This is rewarding for the ecosystem, as it increases productivity and saves valuable time.

Moreover, this ecosystem is beneficial for patients in terms of effectiveness and care. It also benefits the pharmaceutical industry by creating an increase in terms of investment. In the end, this allows for more investments in products.

Most importantly, this creates an overall positive impact for patients.

Israel's Healthcare ecosystem chart by sub-sectors

Digital Health Companies by Sub-Sectors

According to Israel’s Life Sciences Industry IATI Report, the pie chart pictured above organizes digital health companies by sub-sector. They are based upon the percentages of each Healthcare IT.

Most notable on the pie chat are the Four Pillars of Healthcare IT. They include the following: Digital Therapeutics, Remote Monitoring, Decision Support, and Clinical Workflow.

Furthermore, the number of active Digital Health companies in Israel is continuing to increase. This is due to the fact that digital health technologies are becoming more and more advanced.

In addition, although the Digital Health sector is relatively new in the Healthcare industry, this sector is successful in supporting patient centricity. Patient centricity focuses on generating efficient and accurate outcomes for each individual patient.

Taking everything into account, RGL Research strives to bring a positive impact to the Digital Health sector by providing our expert knowledge about digital tools and conveying accurate results. #DigitalRGL #Innovationiscoming

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