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Our mission is to decrease the cost of bringing healthcare innovation products to market without compromising on quality. Doctors of pharmacy, high-tech engineers, lawyers, we joined our forces to support sustainable R&D solutions for biopharma companies through our clinical research and consulting platforms. Together with the implementation of digital trial solutions, we are confident that we can bring the productivity curve back on a sustained positive slope, impact on the investigators' experience and ultimately, maintain a patient-centric practice.


Dedication to your project, our mission and the patients' life.

Commitment in your clinical trial to deliver top quality services.

Ever-improving quality system, ensuring compliance with the highest regulations and GCPs.

Mindful collaboration with innovators, startups, biopharmas, healthcare professionals and extraordinary people.


We believe that R&D sustainability is better productivity. Productivity is key in order to bring pipelines to market, as innovation goes. Our work is our contribution to bringing life-saving therapeutics to the patients. As we remain loyal to our values of dedication, commitment, quality, and mindful collaboration, we maintain course towards a more efficient health product development process.

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We manage clinical trials from A to Z. Discover all RGL Research services.

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A pluridisciplinaty, Israeli - French team based in Israel, expert in health product development and clinical trial solutions for innovative R&D projects. We are a flexible structure, which combines substantial expertise in drugs, medical devices, and cosmetics, with significant experience in the industry's modern vision. Consequently, Both this expertise and experience meet the challenges of our generation.

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Head Pharmacist

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Since 2015, we manage several clinical trials in Israel, France, and North-Africa hospitals in different therapeutic areas, especially in oncology, neurology, rare diseases, and immunology.

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